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Guangxi Choris Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in March 2010.
The products are widely used in the production of disproportionated rosin, refined rosin and rosin resin.Rubber, ABS engineering plastics, electronics industry, ink, pigments and various grades of pressure sensitive adhesive products...

  • Comprehensive Emergency Drill of Xylene Leak Held

    A comprehensive emergency drill with all employees involved was held at 10 o’clock on April 28,2021. The drill was set to the leak and burn of xylene storage tank, and one technician became comatose caused by xylene poisoning.

  • Equally Important for Epidemic Protection, Safety Production and Work Resumption

    Some staff are still immersed in the Spring Festival atmosphere which referred to as “post -holiday syndrome’ even work resumption has been taking place. We hold a “Work Resumption ” meeting on Feb

  • The Statement of Production Safety Objective 2021 Signed

    The Statement of Production Safety Objective 2021 has been signed on December 30 between the company and each department head for the purpose of strengthening the supervision and administration of p

  • 2020 Emergency Drill Held In Confined Space

    An emergency rescue drill was held on November 20 , Friday, to strengthen the employees’ understanding of safety management, prevent the accident of suffocation happen and protect the safety of operators who works in the confined space. The drill simulated an emergency situation that 2 operators suffocated in the limited space, the rainwater collection tank , where has no enough oxygen. Fortunately, the 2 sufferers were extricated through the task distribution and team cooperation.

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