Our Culture

Our Culture

1. Enterprise Spirit

(1) Practical: Faced with numerous changes in the market, adhere to the business strategy of being down-to-earth and progress steadily. Never be deceived by unrealistic imagination.

(2) Rigorous: This is an attitude towards work and life.

(3) Innovative: Don’t let the natural way of thinking confine your actions but always try to change and present a distinctive side.

(4) Enterprising: Only by marching forward may we survive, we have no other choice.


2. Core Values

1. Integrity is always the first: To be a good person and an honest business, then there will be loyal customers with you.

2. Only hard work will help to realize the dream: This is one of the cornerstones of our traditional culture and also the unchanged truth in market competition.

3. Quality is the proper pride of an enterprise: If you want to create a “Time-honored Shop” with the capacity for sustainable development, high quality is the key. Trusting Choris will become a synonym of high quality in the future.

4. Dare to face competition: Competition has become the main theme of social development. We must dare to compete and be good at competition. This is a good opportunity to test our own abilities.

5. Interests of the team are always greater than the individual goals: Without the skin, what will hair attach on?“Without a big family, how can small families survive”, so only when the interests of the team are fully guaranteed,can an enterprise develop for a long term. We are willing to seek for the consistence between individual development and enterprise development; and we fully understand the temporary inconsistence of enterprise interests with individual interests during the course of development.

6. There is no best but better: If you are satisfied with  the current status , you may stand still; so it is for an enterprise in competition; therefore we should try to make self-transcendence constantly and find a better ourself.


3. Management Philosophy

1. We sincerely care for our employees and do our best to provide them with a safer and better working environment.We respect every employee working hard for every success of the enterprise and strive to provide them with better compensation and give them double harvest in both material and spirit.

2. We try to keep the team’s stability. Employees should tolerate each other and cooperate wholeheartedly, work together for the clear goals and be proud of their enterprise.

3. We insist that safety production is always more important than making money; and sustainable development is always more important than short-term profit.

4. Internally, healthy competition, performance evaluation and survival of the fittest are what we always advocate and encourage.

5. We advocate innovation, transcendence and the “spirit of originality”. What we have reached is always a little higher than what are expected by customers.

6. Faced with rapid changes in today’s society, we emphasize continuous learning and strive to become new talents adapted to big occasions.



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