Recruitment Announcements

Recruitment Announcements

1 salesperson

Main job responsibilities:
1. According to the requirements of the company and the department, complete the sales volume target, profit target and payment target;

2. Organize sales contract review and coordination activities;

3. Responsible for the shipment and delivery of all domestic and foreign sales contracts;

4. Use a variety of methods to continuously try to develop new customers or develop new downstream uses for old products;

5. Responsible for following up the management of the payment for goods belonging to the sales contract, and responsible for the security of the payment for the follow-up sales business;

6. Responsible for the timely and correct handover of sales invoices to users; responsible for reconciliation with users on a monthly, quarterly and year-end basis according to the company's requirements to ensure that both parties' supply quantities and payment balances are consistent;

7. Comprehensively identify and evaluate customer needs (especially product technical specifications, quantity and delivery time), and urge the production department to ensure quality, quantity, and delivery of products according to order requirements, so as to meet customer needs to the greatest extent;

8. Track and feedback the market situation, conduct a comprehensive analysis of customer needs (including requirements, suggestions, opinions, complaints, defective products, etc.) Respond to customers internally;

9. For other details that are not detailed, please refer to the Salesperson's Job Description.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in sales, foreign trade, chemical industry, etc.;

2. More than one year sales or documentary work experience;

3. Quick thinking, independent learning ability, good at expressing and communicating with others;

4. Be proactive in work, obey arrangements, have a good team spirit, and adapt to business trips;

5. Those with experience in chemical product sales are preferred.

1 R&D assistant

Main job responsibilities:
1. According to the R&D plan, assist R&D engineers to carry out R&D work on new products and improve existing products;

2. Responsible for properly keeping the test equipment, testing equipment and chemicals assigned to individuals by the department, and do a good job in the daily maintenance and storage of important test equipment and testing equipment;

3. Do a good job in the registration and storage of technical data, and regularly summarize and archive test and inspection data;

4. Responsible for cleaning and tidying up the office, laboratory and hygiene responsibility area of ​​the department in accordance with 5S requirements;

5. Responsible for the small test, pilot test and large-scale test of new products, track the whole process of new product production, find problems and deal with them in time; record production process parameters and summarize them in time;

6. For other details that are not detailed, please refer to the "Job Description" of the R&D assistant.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, chemical pharmacy, etc.;

2. More than one year of work experience, proficient in the use of common instruments and testing processes (chemical and pharmaceutical majors are also available);

3. Strong self-learning ability, actively integrate into the team and learn;

4. Those with working experience in chemical plants such as ink, rosin resin, water-based adhesives are preferred.

Other related benefits:

Weekends, five insurances, legal holidays, working meals (accommodation needs to be discussed separately), holiday red envelopes, year-end bonuses, etc.


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