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Distilled Rosin

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Rosin and Modified

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Distilled Rosin


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    • Commodity name: Distilled Rosin
    • Commodity ID: 991300904197906432

    Distilled rosin Specifications and grades RGR-10RGR-20 Appearance Light yellow solid Light yellow solid color (iron cobalt colorimetry) ≤ #2≤ #4 Softening point (℃) 77-80≥75 Acid value, mg KOH/g 152-158 ≥155 Unsaponifiable matter content (%) ≤ 10≤ 10 ash, % ≤0.0080.008 Product introduction: Distilled rosin (also called refined rosin) is made of gum rosin, using a vacuum distillation process under the protection of inert gas. Refined. The color is lighter, and the main ingredient is still more

    Distilled Rosin


    Specification & Grade




    pale yellow solid

    pale yellow solid

    Color (Net Gardner)

    ≤ #2

    ≤ #4

    Softening Point (℃) (R&B) 



    Acid Value, mg KOH/g 



    Unsaponifiable Material (%)

    ≤ 10

    ≤ 10

    ash content %




    Distilled rosin (also called refined rosin) is refined from gum rosin by vacuum distillation process under the protection of inert gas. Color of distilled rosin is more lighter but the main ingredients are still a variety of resin acids.


    Key words:
    • Guangxi Chuangyue Chemical Industry
    • Disproportionated Rosin
    1. The product sends out light odor, and the color can be adjusted according to user requirements
    2. The performance is similar with that of Gum rosin, but the color is more lighter after purification; it is mainly used to process high-grade rosin derivatives.
  • 1. Adhesive products
    2. Paint and ink
    3. Welding aid agent 
    4. Process high-grade rosin resins with lighter color
    5. Printing and dyeing

  • 1.Packed in galvanized iron drums of 225kg net weight each;

    2.Crushed products are Packed in woven bags of 25kg net weight each;

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