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Guangxi Choris Chemical Co.,Ltd. (Choris) was established in March 2010. We manufacture disproportionated rosin, refined rosin and a series of rosin ester using gum rosin as raw materials. Our chemical products can be found in synthetic rubber, ABS engineering plastics, electronics, printing inks, pigments and a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesive products, all of which are closely related to our every day life. Our products aim to enrich lifestyle and improve people's quality of life.


 Choris is located in the NANNING–ASEAN Economic Development Zone. This area is, from a macroeconomic view, in the middle of three trading and economic circles: China- ASEAN, the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Circle and the South west Economic Circle. This helps to create a big and broad market for the future development of our business. From a microeconomic view, Guangxi produces 200,000 tons of crude gum annually and is the largest gum rosin producing area in China. It has rich resources of superior quality. Choris is benefited from this reliable supply of gum rosin for guaranteed production throughout the year. We greatly appreciate our geographic advantages.


Our annual production capacity is 15,000 tons of disproportionated rosin and 7,000 tons of high-quality series rosin esters. Our capabilities are comprised of our outstanding production facilities, process technology that has gone through long-term end user testing and commitment to the customer relationship. We are confident that our products can meet a variety of customer specific needs and will add value to our downstream clients.


We have very experienced and energetic management team and technical team. We firmly believe that “Good reputation is built on quality” and we therefore adhere to our business development principles as “Encouraging Innovations, Making History and Maintaining Sustainable Development”. We are committed to continuously improving our core business, creating more nice surprises for our customers and serving you loyally.

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